Public art that invites wonder

On assignment from Kjeller school, a Norwegian public school serving children aged 6-16, Thomas Eriksson and myself were brought in to develop a proposal for a brand identity that could help beautify the schools common areas.

Both serving as Product Designers, we equally divided the responsibilities for project management and collaborated on the concept development. Additionally, Thomas was in charge of modelling, compiling data and gathering information on contractors, while I was in charge of presentations, production and graphic design.

We analysed the school, their strengths, methods and values. As a school that had only been in operation for four years, they wanted to explore their operations to uncover what the school could unite under moving forward. After conducting user research including interviews, workshops, discussion groups and on site observations, we uncovered and proposed three core values.

Based on these values we developed artefacts that promote and reinforce these values, giving opportunities for pride, recognition and unity.




Artefacts for learning

Each artefact symbolises one of the three values, but were also created to encourage curiosity and learning - with assignments and exercises developed specifically for each artefact. The artefacts are designed to enhance the experience of spending time in recreational spaces, while giving extended and exciting opportunities learning.

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