Created as a custom design for a specific couch, “A Natural Line” is a hand drawn table that combines the fine art of hand made uniqueness with the remarkable accuracy of computer numerical manufacturing. The brief was to create a dynamic table that was organic and soft but still user friendly and reachable for anyone seated in the couch.

Starting with the straight edge of the couch, I drew a straight line on a piece of paper and kept tracing that line offset by a fraction of an inch. Imperfections got amplified as the lines continued, and the last line ended up being organic and soft. After the desired ratio of length to depth was achieved I scanned the paper and vectorised the file. A completely straight line and the very last line defined the parameters of the table, and the rest of the lines were engraved in the top surface.

The steel frame was designed to allow the table top to be flipped if desired, giving the option to use either the textured surface with the engraved lines or a flat surface on the reverse side.

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